Tropical Sunshine Smoothie

Summer is all about sunshine, warm weather, outdoor activities, backyard parties, BBQ, and obviously fresh produce. As some of you already know, I can’t get enough of fresh produce during the high season. Because of the outdoor space restriction we have, I cannot grow acres of produce but if I would have the space, I would totally look like Zsa Zsa Gabor in Green Acres…no joke!
There are so many fruits and vegetables around the house and every day with every meal I make a serious commitment to serve them. One obvious thing to have in the morning is a smoothie. I experiment with my fruits, juices, and other ingredients to create refreshing, healthy smoothies…that’s my thing!
Years ago I created this smoothie I’m about to share with you. My recipe has been featured on a very popular American food website and now that Club Foody is here, I’m posting here for you to enjoy.
My Tropical Sunshine Smoothie’s bright yellow color will put a smile on your face and put some sunshine in your morning. It is so delicious and packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. I have no doubt you’ll enjoy the flavor and the added benefit of knowing how healthy it is for you.
Bon Appétit!


FOOTNOTE: After you blend your smoothie, taste and adjust with agave nectar or honey as needed. The reason to add a sweetener at the end is you don't know how sweet your smoothie will be until well blended.

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
Tropical Sunshine Smoothie
Tropical Sunshine Smoothie
Need sunshine to your morning? My Tropical Sunshine Smoothie will not only bring vitamins/nutrients to your body but also a smile... try it!