I am very fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful, creative and talented people in my life. The contributions from all of them made this website possible and for many other reasons, I’m dedicating this section to them because…they are fabulous!


First, this was inspired by all my friends from Facebook and their interest in my food pictures and the many, many, many requests for me to post my recipes. Guys and Gals, this is all your fault…lol!


Another one who is also responsible for putting the seed in my mind and making me realize that my passion for “food” wasn’t just a hobby but also my destiny. Thank you Lori-May


Another special lady,  Rosalea  Avelino…very talented but also incredibly generous and kind. She is the one who brought the logo to life with her ingenuity and creativity…xoxoxo. Thank you Rosalea! If you want to get in touch with this amazing woman and hire her for your next project, go to


If it wasn’t for him and his expertise, I probably wouldn’t  even start thinking of creating a website. Michael Whyte from BCIT professionally guided me and pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Michael for taking the time to educate me and also helping me find the right designer for this project


Another great man is Harry Lamba from UPS Newton here in British Columbia who is not only our printer but also a friend which David and I respect and trust a lot. He put his busy time on hold to help me with my banner and the final creation of the Club Foody logo…you’re the best Harry! To contact Harry, go to:


He’s another incredible person who’s not only a kind gentleman but also a very intelligent one. He is the designer behind Club Foody and I’m very sorry for all the troubles but I’m glad to report that you still have all your hair and didn’t go bald by trying to pull them out during this crazy time building in such a short time. Many, many, many thank yous Alvenh. If you want to contact him for your next project, his website is:


To my dear friend Corrie Robbins who is also the first featured expert on Club Picks. Not only talented but also genuine and wonderful, Corrie didn’t hesitate to jump on board to contribute every month with her wine and food pairing knowledge. I cannot wait to read more of your articles…Bella you always amaze me! Love you girl xoxo


I saved the best for last…This very special person is my partner. I’m blessed that he found me years ago and through all the stress we have been  thru together, he impresses me more and more, year after year. David, you are my everything and although we have been working on this project for a very long time together, we enjoy each others company. Thru all the challenges, everyday you make me laugh and make me forget the bad stuff…I love you mon chéri! Mwa!