French Dip with Au Jus

Roast beef and prime rib are so delicious! These are cuts of meat I really appreciate and savor every time I have them. This is also an easy meal to serve when you are hosting a dinner. Last month just before Easter weekend, I posted my Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs an easy flavorful dish to serve for any special occasion!
Now when I buy a roast, I love to get one bigger than I actually need because of the leftovers. The next meal is super easy and super-fast to prepare because all the cooking is already done. I just reheat a few slices of roast beef in the pan with some gravy and serve with a couple side dishes… tada! Although I really like it that way, there’s another dish I really, really love to make out of it… it’s my French Dip with Au Jus for dipping. Oh my!
The combination of ingredients makes this sandwich one of my favorites because it elevates the flavors and believe me, this sandwich is a winner! David knows his French Dip and he thinks mine is the best… pat on the back, thank you!
If you have leftovers from your roast beef then you are in for a treat with this delicious, tasty sandwich along with the homemade Au Jus. Both are simple to put together and you’ll have a meal to enjoy in next to no time. I’m positive next time you are at the grocery store, you will buy a bigger roast just so you have an excuse to make this French Dip with Au Jus recipe… it’s that good!
Bon Appétit!



FOOTNOTE: It is roughly 1/2 lb. per hoagie.

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
30-35 minutes
Passive Time
French Dip with Au Jus
French Dip with Au Jus
This delicious sandwich is elevated with a few added ingredients making this classic even better! This is the perfect way to use your leftover roast beef.