Ultimate Slow Cooker Chili

“Brrrr” is how I feel during the winter months! Thanks to the cave men who came up with fire pits which eventually evolved to the fireplace! I am not a winter person because I’m cold most of the time and my favorite spot in the house besides the kitchen is by the fireplace. Although I complain about winter often, the season gives me a reason to cook nice, warm, cozy meals.
My parents never cooked chili at home nor did I have it until my early twenties. Since my first spoonful of that delicious dish, I’ve been hooked! Very simple but enormously satisfying, this is a staple in our kitchen during the lovely winter months… yeah right (slightly sarcastic here… lol!)
Making chili in a Dutch oven is very good but I think it is even better when it slowly cooks in a crockpot for hours so the flavors can blend together. When you get home, dinner is ready and all you need at this point is to pull a bowl out with a tablespoon and a knife (that’s to spread the butter on the yummy crusty bread you bought before getting home), sit down and enjoy this comforting meal!
Bon Appétit!

FOOTNOTE #1: Adding a little bit of sugar, reduce the tartness from the tomatoes (tomato paste, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, etc.)

FOOTNOTE #2: What to do with the rest of the chipotle pepper in adobo sauce when using only a small amount? Click on the link to find out more about this trick: How to make Chipotle Purée & Chipotle Mayo
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Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
6:30 hours
Passive Time
Ultimate Slow Cooker Chili
Ultimate Slow Cooker Chili
This chili dish is packed with a bunch of flavor that blends so well together! It is a great comfort food recipe that gives you warm, cozy feeling inside... it is so satisfying!