Every country has their “Classic” dish and one of North America’s is Chicken Parmesan. It has some slightly different versions and several steps to make it, but don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to make. All I have to say is anyone can make this classic dish without any problems. If I can make it… so can you.
One very important tip I have to say about this recipe is to make sure your oil is hot but not smoking hot. Gently place the scalloped chicken breasts in the pan and cook them to a golden brown and be sure to not overcook them. The blend of the 3 cheeses when melted is absolutely delicious and this alone differentiates this chicken parmesan from others you may have tried.
As much as I try to be innovative and think outside the box, some dishes are meant to be served a certain way for best results and this certainly applies to Chicken Parmesan. You can always serve it with a salad, but I have to admit my preference is to serve it with pasta and tomato sauce. To me this is absolutely “yummy in the tummy”.
Yes, this dish is quite rich, crisp and tomatoey and you might feel guilty for having it, but at least it will give you a huge reason to do more cardio at the gym… it is sooooo worth it! So my friends… give a try!
Bon Appétit!

FOOTNOTE: To find out what to do with leftover tomato paste, go to "TIPS & TRICKS"

Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
15-20 minutes
Passive Time
3 Cheese Chicken Parmesan
This is such a lovely American classic dish! It has great flavor to it and so delicious! Perfect main course to enjoy anytime!