Welcome to the second two-part series of Pretty in Pink. The first one was posted on July 27th, 2016 and featured both Canadian rosé wines. In this last part of Pretty in Pink, I’ve selected rosés from two different countries; the United States and France. Perfect sipping choice for hot summer days on a patio, these rosés are a good food companion as well.
The Pretty in Pink rosé I chose in this second two-part review is E & J Gallo White Zinfandel Rosé, E. J. Gallo White Zinfandelfrom the Central Valley region situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – California. Surprisingly introduced to me a few years ago, this inexpensive smooth medium-bodied Zinfandel can be purchased just under $7.00. With a beautiful salmon color, this rosé has a nice combination of crispness and bright fruit. It has flavors of strawberry, cherry, watermelon and dried cranberry notes with beautiful aromas of raspberry and tropical fruits. It is sweet at first then finishes clean and a bit dry. This white zinfandel is perfect as a sipping wine on a hot day but can also be paired with salty appetizers or grilled fish.
Moving further East, there is an absolutely outstanding rosé I’ve selected for you. From Southeast France AIX-Rose-2015-273x445[1]of Les Coteaux D’aix en Provence, Saint Aix Rosé 2015 is what a fine rosé should be! Don’t be fooled by its light pink color…The nose is exquisite with crisp aromas of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and a touch of fig. The finish of cherry and a hint of spice brings a nice acidity on the palate. This lovely versatile rosé can be paired with poached fish, grilled seafood, and definitely with roasted chicken along with a light couscous salad. The price for this French wine is absolutely affordable at $22.95 and can be found at your local wine/liquor store.


With these rosés selection from the Pretty in Pink series, I’m sure you’ll find one that not only fits your budget but pleases your palate as well. All of them are quite interesting and are a perfect accompaniment for any celebration. Cheers!
Francine Lizotte
Wine & restaurant Aficionado

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