This coming Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving and most of us will celebrate the entire weekend with family and friends. Many traditional dishes will be served and of course, that big juicy turkey will probably be the main attraction on most dinner tables. Although the old rules of wine-food pairings is not as strict as it used to be, a nice white is always a good match with turkey but there’s nothing wrong with serving a nice Red Zinfandel with white meat. I’ve selected two very affordable wines that should please anyone this weekend. They both pair pleasantly with all the scrumptious Thanksgiving dishes that we are all waiting to enjoy!
peller-estates-chardonnay-2From Canada, Peller Estates Proprietor’s Reserve Chardonnay 2014 is a medium-bodied that stands up nicely to the rich dishes of Thanksgiving’s menu. The nose is not overpowering with a hint of oak and a subtle, almost undiscernible touch of lemon notes. It has traces of sweet apple and vanilla on the palate with a light finish. It is a good value when entertaining many guests and also the taste is adequate but lacks some depth. With the wide variety of food and flavors served on Thanksgiving, this wine will do just fine at $7.99.



For my Thanksgiving red selection I chose Twisted Old Vine Zinfandel, 2013 – California. Visually, this medium-bodied Zinfandel twisted-red-zinfandelhas a beautiful garnet color. The complexity of dark fruits with a trace of spice brings smoky aromas on the nose. On the palate, there’s an interesting combination of black cherry and black berry fruits as well as black pepper, carrying through to the finish with light tannins. This well balanced wine will pair well with turkey and is available at most wine stores for around $14.49.

If you are entertaining a large group this Thanksgiving weekend, the price of these wines is definitely right. Because of their medium-bodies and light finishes, this Chardonnay & Zinfandel will appeal and please your Thanksgiving guests.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Francine Lizotte
Wine & Restaurant Aficionado

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