This coming weekend is Father’s Day and you will undoubtedly invite Dad over for dinner. If the weather permits it, you’ll probably be cooking on the BBQ. As summer is quickly approaching and temperatures rise, we cook and serve more fresh produce therefore looking for wines that will compliment both the food and hot summer days. I’ve selected these wines to celebrate the occasion and also impress your Dad. Although these wines are great with food, they can be enjoyed on their own. Equally elegant, this white and red can easily be paired with more casual food.
La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 2014 is absolutely incredible! From the Russian River Valley – La CremaSonoma region, this crisp medium-bodied wine can be purchased for about $15.95. This Californian Chardonnay is beautifully well balanced with citrus fruit, acidity and a hint of sweet spice and oak. The clean, fresh mouthfeel awakens the senses and brings this buttery wine to a new level. This wine can be easily paired with roast chicken as well as seafood or any dishes with a cream sauce. Because of its nuances, I will definitely pair it with dessert for a new taste experience. This is probably one of my favorite Chardonnays I enjoy sipping on the patio during mid-afternoon. The taste of this wine is exquisite!
As soon as you open the Hardy’s Cabernet Merlot 2012, there is a beautiful aroma of blackberries and Hardysblack plums. This Australian wine from the South Eastern region is what you should expect from a medium-bodied red. This beautiful blend has an enjoyable hint of spice and vanilla along with a nice oaky background. This generous Cab-Merlot is available at most wine stores at an incredible price of $11.49. Hardy’s is a perfect choice for any grilled meat or earthy dish such as a beautiful mushroom risotto with black truffle oil and shaved Grana Padano or a nice lamb dish.
Whether you decide to serve a more traditional meal or something grilled on the barbecue for Father’s Day, you cannot go wrong with these two wines. They both have enough personality to go with either a formal or casual gathering.
Happy Father’s Day


Francine Lizotte
Wine & Restaurant Aficionado


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