Turkey or Chicken Pot pie

Another Thanksgiving that went relatively well! I wasn’t overly stressed, nothing got burned, all the dishes got ready at the same time and everyone had a great time. When my last guest left, I was tired but happy… it was another successful night at our place!
Each year I buy a big turkey so we can have a lot of leftovers. I’m sure many of you don’t want that – just a couple of dinners and that’s it! The reason why I want leftovers is to make more recipes with them. Everything is already cooked so reusing the ingredients for other dishes makes the task easier and faster. In a way, I’m like most of you – after reheating the leftovers for a couple of nights, I’m ready to have something else. There’s a recipe I have to make each time “the big bird” is on the menu and it’s my Turkey Pot Pie!
Turkey Pot Pie is a simple dish with so many flavors. The “I don’t want to eat turkey again for dinner” turns into a “yum… can I have more, please”! This delicious recipe has great fresh ingredients such as vegetables, spices and herbs cooked in a beautiful creamy sauce. This is one of those recipes that elevates turkey leftovers to a whole new level. It can also be frozen to enjoy later.
I really love this recipe and have no problem looking forward to leftovers just so I can enjoy this yummy dish again! Don’t be afraid of that humongous pile of turkey meat… there’s a flavorful solution to use it all up!
Bon Appétit!

FOOTNOTE #1: For a great pie dough recipe, click on this link... Foolproof Pie Dough

FOOTNOTE #2: Before placing the top crust over the turkey/sauce mixture, sprinkle about 1 tbsp. of chopped parsley per pie

Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
1 1/2 hours
Passive Time
Turkey Pot Pie
Turkey or Chicken Pot pie
After trying this delicious and flavorful recipe, you'll look forward to making it every time you have turkey because the beauty of it is you can use your leftover turkey meat!