Thai Chicken Curry

Blogging is fun and so is creating recipes. Now you mix these two together and the results are exciting! No seriously guys, creating recipes is my passion, the inner “artsy” side of me. The only reward I get from it is to share my dishes with you and hope you’ll enjoy them – and why shouldn’t you? There’s no prize at the end of it besides some of you getting back to me and appreciating one of my creations.
The other day, one of my subscribers from Thailand was quite impressed with my Thai Yellow Curry Paste. Wow! That was awesome! I felt that I accomplished something great and boy did it ever feel good inside! Yeah, yeah I know… my ego was boosted and it made me happy! C’mon… she is from THAILAND and liked it! Of course, I would still have felt great inside if that woman was from Russia – a compliment is always positively welcomed – but who better to judge than someone from Thailand.
From there, she obviously was curious about what dish I created to go along with my yellow curry paste and this is what today’s recipe is all about… Thai Chicken Curry! I love the mixed flavors of sweet, spicy and savory together. It’s so aromatic and at the same time comforting. Although Thailand is on my “places to visit” list, having this dish brings this colorful, energetic culture into my kitchen!
Of course, now that I’ve told you about my Thai subscriber, I wonder how she will react about this recipe. I’m not scared at all because when I tasted this dish, it was an “OMG” moment! It was exactly how I wanted this recipe to turn out. Being in many Thai restaurants before, I knew what flavors I was looking for and they were right here on my plate. I guess my biggest concern was more with the paste because I wasn’t too sure how to come out with enough spices but also tasting flavorful. I never find just “spicy” interesting… it has to have some flavor to it. When I just taste “hot” and nothing else, to me, it’s a one note dish… boooooring!
Don’t be afraid about the paste when you make it. It has some major zip to it! When adding all the ingredients of this Thai Chicken Curry together in the saucepan, it mellows out quite a bit and the results are amazing! This recipe is fast and easy to make plus you can proudly say that you can make Thai recipes from scratch at home… now that’s cool – and spicy -!
Bon Appétit!

FOOTNOTE: To see the Thai Yellow Curry Paste recipe, click here Thai Yellow Curry Paste

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
30 minutes
Passive Time
Thai Chicken Curry
Thai Chicken Curry
This incredibly aromatic dish is packed with flavors that are traditionally found in Thai cuisine; sweet, salty, spicy and savory. This is a fairly spicy recipe but the ingredients mellow the heat for an enjoyable tasty meal!