Tartar Sauce

Until last year, I had to go to my favorite “Fish & Chip” joint to have this meal. Somehow, I never really thought of making them myself. There’s really no reason for it… I just simply didn’t make it at home. When I started this cooking website, I still didn’t have any intention of making my own “Fish & Chips” but the reality of showcasing my recipes gave me enough confidence and a good reason to give it a try. “Wow!” was my reaction when I made it the first time. Obviously since then, I’ve been making this dish whenever I want at home.
Let’s go back to my favorite place where I enjoyed their “Fish & Chips”. Although it was deliciously cooked, there was one thing I never really liked over there and it was their tartar sauce. I was actually quite surprised that they couldn’t make this simple side dish adequately?
My motto is “Why buy it when you can make it at home”, right? As far as I can remember, I’ve being making my own Tartar Sauce. My mother made her own sauce and before that was my grandmother. Their recipes were quite easy; mayo and relish together… voilà! When I was younger, I was making my mother’s sauce but as my taste buds evolved, I started making it slightly more complex than hers to the point that hers and mine are not very close to each other anymore.
There are so many versions of this sauce out there but I have to say, mine is quite yummy! With a few ingredients, you can turn this simple sauce into a great accompaniment for your next “Fish & Chips” or any other dish that needs Tartar Sauce.
Bon Appétit!

Prep Time
Cook Time
Passive Time
1 hour
Tartar Sauce
Tartar Sauce
Extremely easy to make, this tartar sauce will definitely enhance any dish especially Fish & Chips!