When I moved to the West Coast, I couldn’t wait until we could drive down the Pacific Coast. Our first trip was to go from Vancouver to San Francisco and celebrate my birthday there. The view was spectacular! I discovered the breathtaking Oregon Coast with its big rocks standing in the ocean and those beautiful lighthouses. Seeing the giant majestic redwood trees  in Northern California was so incredible and gave me a sense of peace.
We drove through Napa Valley and as a wine lover, I was so impressed with the scenery; acres and acres of vineyards. How excited I was to see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge from afar. It was my first time back since I was 16 with my father, visiting my uncle Robert, my aunt Pierrette and my cousin Raymond.
My partner and I did so many cool things like jumping on the cable car, eating chowder on the Pier, visiting Coit Tower, driving down Lombard Street and playing golf at the Presidio Golf Course. We also went to amazing restaurants, including one located in Sausalito where we had the perfect view of San Francisco Bay. Beside our table was another couple and we started interacting with each other. Through our conversations, not only were they golfers like us but also foodies and next thing you know we were exchanging recipes. This is how this smoked salmon dip recipe originated and I thought calling it Sausalito would add a more sentimental value to it. Sadly, we lost contact with each other but wherever you are, Jim and Sue, this recipe is for you.
Bon Appétit!

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
Sausalito Smoked Salmon Dip
This is a quick and delicious smoked salmon dip recipe. Like the name says, it originated when I was visiting Sausalito, near San Francisco.