Old Fashioned Stuffing with Giblets

As a kid, we never had stuffing with giblets on our Thanksgiving dinner. Is it because my mother didn’t know how to cook with it or because no one’s enjoyed the taste of giblets? So basically my first taste of this traditional dish was when I was a “young lady” – by the way I’m still am… lol! I had good ones but I also had pretty bad ones.
Stuffing with giblets in it is not for everyone, I realize it, but when cooked properly, you’ll be surprised how many can enjoy it. My first stuffing making was a few years ago when I was in my 20’s… okay, okay I’m just kidding (can’t have fun anymore)! When I started cooking the giblets, I made sure all my guests were out of the kitchen (just like the IKEA commercial with Nona saying “tutti fuori” – everyone out). The logic behind my madness was to prove a point; if they don’t see they won’t know and perhaps… just perhaps they might like the stuffing.
Sure enough during dinner everyone, that includes my mother and my brother, had my stuffing. My mother couldn’t stop asking what was in it and how delicious it was. For my brother, he didn’t say much but went for a second and third (his way to say “yummy”). I waited until after dinner when we were having our “digestif” to announce what was in my stuffing.
My point was proved and you can do the same with your “picky” eaters. Give it a try, you’ll be surprised with the results.
Bon Appétit!

Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
2:35 hours
Passive Time
Old Fashioned Stuffing with Giblets
Old Fashioned Stuffing with Giblets
When cooking properly, stuffing with giblets can be quite delicious! With the right amount of spices and fresh ingredients, this dish can turn to be the star of your Holiday dinner!