Tzatziki Sauce

I am not a fan of GMOs’, food additives or preservatives. I try my best to make most things from scratch if I can. Not only is it much healthier to make homemade but you are also in charge of what & how much you put in your recipes. Also, c’mon…it is pretty rewarding to make your own…well it is to me.
Years ago when I was first introduced to Greek cuisine, I always ordered a menu item that came with Tzatziki Sauce. I remember my girlfriends and I making jokes about “10 things to do to Stay Single” and one of them was, of course, eating tzatziki sauce.
One day at the grocery store I was going to get a store-bought tzatziki sauce and peaked at the label. My eyes probably went twice their normal size. I couldn’t believe how much salt was in it plus all the “other ingredients” – when you try to pronounce them, you sound like you’re on some sort of medication and the mouth doesn’t move the way it should. I put it back on the shelf, went to get an English cucumber, yogurt, dill, garlic and lemon…the end of store-bought tzatziki.
This sauce is not only super easy to make but also very healthy. Yes, there’s a lot of garlic in it but if you don’t mind THE breath or if you already have enough friends, you’re good to go! Delicious, unbelievably fresh flavor, this classic Greek sauce is a winner.
Bon Appétit!


FOOTNOTE: When serving it, you may want to sprinkle a little fresh chopped dill on top for a nicer presentation.

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
Homemade Tzatziki Sauce
Tzatziki Sauce