Hawai`ian Ham Bacon Pizza

Overall I’m a pretty positive person. I don’t feel down that often but I can be nostalgic especially when I think about Hawai`i. I wish I was living there a few months a year. The Hawai`ian scenery is so breath taking and the people are just beautiful! There’s an incredible energy you get as soon as you get there.
Although we’ll go back soon, I couldn’t take my mind off Hawai`i so I’ve decided to create a dish that commemorates it but just before making it, I made a big “foody” discovery…
Did you know that there’s such a thing as National Pizza Day? Yeah… how cool is that! But it’s even more hip the fact that it falls on February 9th. You probably thinking “okay, so?” but this particular date has a strong meaning for me. First this is my brother Daniel’s birthday. He’s older than me of 8 years…. Fine okay, I’m the oldest one! Another reason why this day is so special to me is it’s the day when David and I started dating. Also, this video recipe is Episode 100! Wow 100 recipes already and much more to come! Now with this discovery, it basically put the cherry on top of the sundae or the cheese on top of the pizza… which ever one you prefer.
So taking all of these together (brother, partner, pizza, Hawai`i, ham & bacon, National Pizza Day, and the fact that this is the 100th Club Foody recipe), this pie is very special on my menu.
Bon Appétit and Happy Pizza Day!

FOOTNOTE: To make my Easy-Cheesy Herb Pizza Dough, click on this link: Easy-Cheesy Herb Pizza Dough

Prep Time
15 minutes
Cook Time
10-12 minutes
Passive Time
Hawai`ian Ham Bacon Pizza
Hawai`ian Ham Bacon Pizza
This pizza has a delicious combination of sweet, smoky and salty with a hint of savory... simply fantastic!