French Baguettes

When I walk by a bakery, just the smell of fresh baked bread drives me crazy! It doesn’t matter if I’m hungry or not, my brain sends a signal to my stomach and I start salivating… Frankie wants bread! To resist the temptation of not having any is even more insane!
We all have our weaknesses and bread is mine. Interestingly enough, I barely eat any of it but when I do it has to be fresh! I mean so fresh that when you try to slice it, it collapses. The freshest way for me to take care of my bread craving is to bake my own.
There are so many kinds of bread out there and it’s hard to choose one to bake, but I’ve decided on (drum rolling)… French baguettes! Who knew… lol! The whole technique of bread making without using a bread machine is extremely simple and you can enjoy bread as fresh as can be without stepping out. How awesome it is to bake your own French Baguettes. As soon as it comes out from the oven, slice a few pieces and spread butter on top… now that’s a piece of heaven in your mouth!
Bon Appétit!


FOOTNOTE: If you don't have a baguette pan, use a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat and dust with cornmeal before baking your baguettes.
KITCHEN TOOLS: The Baguette Pan can be purchased in the "SHOP" section of Club Foody

Prep Time
Cook Time
15-20 minutes
Passive Time
1:30 hours
French Baguettes
French Baguettes
There's nothing that tempts your taste buds like the smell of fresh baked bread. This French Baguette recipe will have you enjoying homemade bread in no time.