Summer is almost here which means… “it’s sandals” time! I love my sandals, I find them very sexy! With a nice pedicure, these highlight the feet of a woman! I like to wear either a bracelet around my ankle or a toe ring… it’s very feminine! What am I doing? It’s a cooking website not a fashion blog!
Back to food… Another thing that comes with summer is HOT days… yippee! I’d say that one common popular treat around the world that young and old enjoy during warm weather is ice cream, gelato, sorbet and… frozen yogurt!
I never really made frozen yogurt before until last year when I saw half of a Greek yogurt container sitting in my fridge. I didn’t want to waste it so the solution was to make something with it. That particular morning I already had a smoothie so I didn’t feel like making another one for the next day so this is when the idea of using it for a frozen treat came to mind.
My first attempt was not as yummy as I was expecting. The flavor from the yogurt was way too overpowering and left a funny taste in my mouth (it wasn’t expired… I checked). Now every time I don’t succeed with a recipe, I don’t give up – poor David…! I just keep trying until I get it. Luckily, the second time was “bang on!”
If you are looking for an interesting recipe this summer, don’t look any further and try my Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt! This rich frozen treat has a beautiful velvety texture and a slight tang to it. With some shaved chocolate in it, this makes a great summer treat for the family!
Bon Appétit!


FOOTNOTE: To make your own homemade Powdered Sugar, click here

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Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
3-4 hours
Chocolate Frozen Greek Yogurt
This frozen treat has a delicious chocolate flavor with a hint of tangy zip from the Greek yogurt! It's a nice change from ice cream and your family will love it!