Chipotle Stuffed Bronto Burgers

Certain aromas and smells bring you back to a certain place, time or event in your life. Scents like incense help keep you calm and make you relax. Others like freshly cut grass make you think of summer, picnics and sporting events. Still other smells, like someone in the neighborhood using their BBQ, create a stimulus in your head, makes our mouth water and makes us crave a….BURGER!
I love burgers…but not just any kind of burger…I love my version of a burger! I never enjoyed going to a fast food joint for a burger because I simply prefer mine over the fast food variety. Okay, okay, I am being preferential here but to this day, the only burger I look forward to devouring with all my senses is my own.
As I mentioned in the video, the recipe I’m about to share with you started more than 25 years ago because before that, I never really found burgers that appetizing. One day, I was having a backyard party and of course everyone wanted burgers and hot dogs. I couldn’t wrap my head around these two simplistic menu items so I decided to focus on one and try to make it better. The day after, I came up with the start to this recipe…and it has been modified many times since the original version.
After watching the video and hopefully after you make one or more for yourself at home, there will be no turning back. I guarantee you will never go back to regular burgers again. Of course you can modify this recipe to your own personal taste. What I’m showing you here is a version of what you can do at home and much more. Sorry but I have to run…I’m smelling BBQ and I’m craving a Chipotle Stuffed Bronto Burger.
Bon Appétit!
P.S. If you’re wondering what a Brontosaurus is, watch the Flintstones…they’re huge…lol!

FOOTNOTE: Mix 2 tablespoons of chopped onion with your ground beef. Place 1 tablespoon of chopped onion, chopped red pepper and chopped mushroom per patty.

You can also add more or less cheese depending on how addicted you are to this dairy product (I admit it...I'm a cheese addict)

KITCHEN TOOLS: The Stuffed Burger Press and the BBQ Grill Light (Grill Light by Knight Lighter) can be purchased in the "SHOP" section of Club Foody.

Prep Time
20 minutes
Cook Time
14 minutes
Passive Time
Chipotle Stuffed Bronto Burger
Chipotle Stuffed Bronto Burgers
These burgers are both BIG in flavor and size! Bet you can't eat two of them...