We love travelling and one of our favorite “nearby” destinations is Seattle. Besides enjoying shopping, restaurants and sightseeing, we love to visit Pike Place Market. This market is so vibrant and electric with all the fresh produce, seafood and individual kiosks, there’s so much going on…it’s just amazing! You can also find very unique food items that you wouldn’t see at a regular supermarket. This place is so foodi-ish! This place is “heaven” to me!
On one of our trips there, we were introduced to blood oranges at the market. If you have never heard of blood oranges before, they are quite interesting in comparison to a regular orange. Firstly, their skins look like they’ve been in a fight and they look a bit bruised. Secondly, their flesh is a deep purply red color like… well…blood! Thirdly, the flavor is slightly tart, something like a cross between citrus and raspberry. Blood oranges are not available all year round and can be found from December to May.
Back to the market…after exchanging a few ideas with the vendor, I was suddenly inspired to use them to make a new martini. In the past, I was a mixologist and loved to create new cocktails although I usually go back to my old “favorites”. This time, I was challenged and really wanted to create something not too sweet and not too tart. After a few tries, I came up with my Blood Orange Martini. This is a refreshing version of a cosmopolitan martini, using blood oranges.
Before we go any further, let me give you some good advice. Never and I mean NEVER wear any light colored clothes when juicing blood oranges cause you’ll look like something went horribly wrong at the blood donor clinic. All joking aside though, please wear dark clothes and use a juicing machine not the hand press like I did a few times; I had to wipe my white kitchen cabinets down because there were splatters everywhere!
If you are like me and don’t really enjoy “sweet” cocktails, you will definitely love this one. Different, interesting, colorful and definitely delicious, this cocktail is a beautiful twist on a Cosmo. Go find these kind of weird and wonderful oranges and make yourself this delightful drink…you won’t regret it!

KITCHEN TOOLS: The OXO Steel Double Jigger & the Boston Shaker Kit can be purchased in the "SHOP" section of Club Foody

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
Blood Orange Martini
A nice twist on Cosmo Martini... Not too sweet, not too tart, just the right balance!