Blackberry Mojito

Each year, David and I love to go berry picking but just not any berry…blackberries. Near where we live, there are so many areas that are covered with these delicious berries. They are so sweet, juicy and we get them at the best price in town…free for the picking…lol! Picking them in the “wild” can be a challenge. They have some pretty nasty thorns that can cut you if you’re not careful and this discourages some people! We have to be careful not to tear our clothes with their thorns let alone getting major scratches and cuts. Still, it doesn’t matter because year after year, we come back with a few scratches and a ton of blackberries. What can I say, we are adventurous…lol!
Each summer, we end up with several gallons of these delicious fruits and the next challenge is to come up with recipes we can use them with. One recipe that I created a couple of years ago and is absolutely awesome is my Blackberry Mojito. Not only is it refreshing but extremely addictive. After your first one, you’ll want another and another… If you want to serve it to your guests, you’ll be busy for a while with the muddler. Enjoy with moderation, if you can…!


FOOTNOTE: Substitute sparkling water or seltzer

KITCHEN TOOLS: The Boston Shaker can be purchased in the "SHOP" section of Club Foody.

Prep Time
5 minutes
Cook Time
Passive Time
Blackberry Mojito
Blackberry Mojito