Baked Chicken Drumettes or Wings

When you hear chicken wings/drumettes what’s the first thing you think of? The corner pub, game night, a get together with friends, and so on… right?
I was never really a big fan of chicken wings/drumettes until I started baking them at home. Whoa! What a big difference. First, there’s barely any guilt associated with this dish because you’re not frying them, you’re baking them. Second, there’s not the huge mess of using the fryer…or the question of what to do with the used oil. Third, you can make your favorite sauce while the wings are cooking in the oven – mine are Teriyaki, Original Buffalo and Spicy Orange. Fourth, you don’t have to go out and can have better at home.
Drumettes vs Wings? This is a personal preference and as you already know, there is more meat in drumettes than there is in the flat part of the wing. Honestly, I haven’t tried it with flats yet but if you do, just be careful when cooking them as they might overcook.
Perfect for weekend get-togethers or that big game on TV, your guests will be asking for more. So make sure you have plenty on hand. Give them a try and I’m convinced you’ll be hooked in no time!
Bon Appétit!


FOOTNOTE: You can substitute grapeseed oil for any other flavorless oil such as canola, safflower/sunflower, vegetable, peanut or corn.

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
1 hour
Passive Time
Baked Chicken Drumettes (or wings)
Baked Chicken Drumettes or Wings
Here's a healthier way to cook Chicken Wings/Drumettes... in the oven!