Frequently Asked Questions

Password & Login…

Q. I can’t remember my Club Foody password.

A. Just go to the login page and on the right top corner, there’s a link to “Forget your password”. Click on the link and you will receive an email. Follow the instructions.

Q. I can’t log in, what am I doing wrong?

A. First, make sure the username and password are correct.  Your password is case sensitive.  Make sure cookies from Club Foody are not blocked (either in browser on antivirus software).  If you are still having problems logging see first question.  If all else fails, let us know.


Q. Can you answer a question I have about a certain recipe?

A. Francine enjoys getting your emails related to cooking but due to the high volume of mail, she cannot guarantee she will be able to answer all emails but will do her best. E-mail or use the contact form at


Q. How can I advertise on Club Foody and who should I speak to for more information?

A. There is a form you can submit in ADVERTISING under the MEDIA section located in the footer or complete this form and send it to us.


Q. I would like to get recipes by email. Where do I sign up?

A. First you have to become a member of Club Foody by joining the club under the “MY PROFILE” tab.  Second, you will not receive the actual recipe but a newsletter will be sent every Friday from Club Foody.  In this newsletter, you’ll get a link to the recipes; click on it and this will take you to our site where the recipes are displayed.

Q. How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

A. To unsubscribe what you have to do is to go to EDIT MY PROFILE section under MY PROFILE on the tab bar. At the bottom of that page, there’s a “unsubscribe from list”. Click on the link and you will be removed from the newsletter.


Publicity & Promotions…

Q. What do I do if I’d like to use a recipe from Club Foody in an article? How do I credit Club Foody as the recipes source?

A. Definitely include as the source for any online publication.  Attach a clickable link back to the recipe on clubfoody .com. Remember “hiding” us as the source is not considered good etiquette. Please, do not take photos from our site because that violates Canadian Copyright Law and we will enforce those copyrights. If you are interested in a photo, please contact us to discuss.