This is my second review in a four-part series about great inexpensive wines. The first review was posted on April 20th, 2016 and featured both white and red wines by Goats do Roam. As I mentioned in the beginning of this series, you can find delectable wines that don’t have to be pricey to be enjoyable.

Cono Sur BicicletaMy second white wine review is on Cono Sur Bicicleta, Viognier 2015, Chile – $ 9.95. This Viognier is a bit higher in alcohol content at 13.5% which gives it a bit of warmth with good body and low acidity. Notes of apricot and creamy peach give every sip a smooth well balanced taste.

Notes from the Wine maker suggest this is the wine to pair with foods that are hard to pair. Spicy Asian noodle dishes, teriyaki salmon or a baked brie with alfalfa honey and crisps.


To continue with our reds, I chose Pelee Island Pinot Noir 2013 from Ontario, Canada – $ 12.95. Ok so I maybe a bit biased on this one. I have been drinking this wine for about 6 years now and it’s my go to wine and I always haPelee-Island-Pinot-Noir-2011-cropve a couple bottles in my wine rack.

As a summer red, this wine is light enough and needs no food companion, yet carries a great depth of flavor. Dark cherries and plum, with a gentle earthy spice, this wine is available at a great price.

I normally drink this one alone or with a light snack but I would pair this with a Cuban style BBQ roasted pork or even a Prime rib.
Corrie Robbins
Club Foody Wine Analyst

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I am an Ontario native, currently living in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. My education includes 2 years of sommelier education at George Brown College, although the vast majority of my experience has come from the many different vineyards I have toured throughout the years.

I have uncorked wines from all over the world and I have toured vineyards in Italy, France, Spain, Ontario and British Columbia. I enjoy the art of entertaining and being a foody myself, it is my pleasure to join Club Foody to give you my thoughts on wine and wine pairings.