After Halloween has passed, we all know everything goes fast, very fast. The next upcoming Holiday in North America is American Thanksgiving then comes “THE” Holiday season. Although our schedules will become more and more hectic, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a nice bottle of wine on its own or with your favorite dish. I’ve selected two delectable wines from France that can be paired with autumn recipes or simply sipped on their own…
Bourgogne Louis Latour Chardonnay - FranceThe white wine I’ve chosen is a Bourgogne Chardonnay by Louis Latour – region Bourgogne. This wine is very crisp on the nose with some aromas of green apples. It lingers on the palate with citrus flavors, grapefruit, honey dew, and a hint of almond with a buttery finish. This palatable well balanced Bourgogne can be found at your wine store at around $23.99. I would definitely pair it with seafood paella (my Spanish Paella recipe featured on November 3rd – or simply a great accompaniment for an antipasto plate with cheese and cold meats. This full-bodied wine can also be savored by itself.
The unconventional shaped bottle of J.P. Chenet Reserve Merlot-Cabernet 2014 is a nice medium-bodied red wine. J.P. Chenet - FranceThe nose of this uncomplicated blend has blackberry fruit and a peppery note. It is smooth on the palate with oak, fine tannins and a medium finish. This is a wine that is easy to pair with a lot of dishes such as venison, lamb stew or with a nice terrine served with Dijon mustard and crusty bread. You can find this affordable wine under $13.00 at your local wine store. Because of its soft acidity, this can be enjoyed as is.
Although one is over $20 and the other under, these two French wines can surely please most anyone in both taste and value. As we progress towards the winter season, this Chardonnay and Merlot-Cab can be savored all year round. Cheers!
Francine Lizotte
Wine & Restaurant Aficionado

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