Victoria Day, which is a public holiday here in Canada, is coming up next Monday. It is also known as May 2-4 weekend because it’s the last Monday before May 25th. Many of us will gather with friends and family for backyard parties and for that reason I chose two excellent Italian wines to celebrate it…
Bartenura Moscato 2016The selected white wine I’ve chosen is Bartenura Moscato 2016 – Italy. This semi-sweet wine from Bartenura Vineyards is crisp and refreshing with peach, pear and melon flavors. Light-bodied with a bubbly finish, this wine pairs well with dark chocolate mousse, cheese tray or even a fresh fruit salad. It is also excellent on its own for sipping on a hot summer day! It can be found at your local liquor store for around $17.50.
For our red wine, I’ve decided to do my tasting notes on Lanari Rosso ConeroLanari Rosso Conero 2013, – Central Italy. Dry and fruity, this red is made from 100% Montepulciano grapes by Lanari Vineyards. Ruby red in color with flavors of plums and cherry with hints of spice, this wine is well balanced and smooth. Light in tannins and rich, you can enjoy this wine with pizza, tomato based pasta or grilled pork chops. This lively Italian red can be found at your local liquor store for around $18.00
Both interesting and yet scrumptious, these two wines are sure to please your guests during this long weekend. They pair very well with a wide variety of foods therefore making them a great choice for any dinner party. Enjoy Victoria Day weekend with your loved ones. Cheers!
Francine Lizotte
Wine & Restaurant Aficionado

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