As the weather warms and the daylight hours lengthen with the glorious sun, we start eating lighter and with that, what fills our glass follows suit, whites, lighter reds and rose’s take center stage. Easter being the first holiday/long weekend for most, it’s the perfect time to get together with loved ones and friends alike. A question I get asked quite often is about wine and food pairings for such an occasion. Easter can be religious fTawseor some, very traditional for others or casual as well and it’s a great time to just spend time together enjoying great food and a special bottle of wine. I have thought about pairing these wines for a non-traditional Easter meal, something that’s a little more updated and fun.


TAWSE Sketches of Niagara Riesling 2014 is a fabulous wine coming from the Niagara region of Ontario, made from sustainably grown grapes on an award winning family run vineyard. From the first sip, delicate hints of mandarin oranges and lemon hit your palette with mouth-watering acidity and spiral into a soft citrus finish which makes this wine very easy to drink. (almost too easy). When I think of pairing this wine a few ideas come to mind; an asparagus tart with goat cheese or shaved Parmigiana Reggiano, or a fresh pea and ham pasta carbonara. Rieslings are a fabulous choice when having a meal that maybe Smokey, salty or very rich and creamy. The acidity and sweetness of this wine compliments these food characteristics very well. This wine is available for about $17.95 and can be purchased from the vineyard or at select wine stores and merchants across Canada.


I was at an evening soirée a few nights ago and I had a pleasant surprise for my next pairing. I was introduced to a delightful new Shiraz, 19 Crimes Shiraz Durif, made by the wine conglomerate of Treasury Wine Estates of Australia. This company has brought us Penfolds, Lindemans and various other smaller names and is one of the biggest wine company’s in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this wine. When pouring, it’s beautiful crimson red colour can be noticed as it opens up fairly fast into a soft array of dark berries and spice. This is a full bodied red but drinks with the ease of a lighter wine. This wine will not disappoint and I think it would go very well with a juicy lamb burger or maybe even with pulled lamb piled high on a bun for a more casual gathering on Easter Sunday. It will also work with almost any side dish you may choose. This wine is available at most wine stores for about $20.00 .
Whether you decide to go the traditional route of roasted ham, leg of lamb or create a new tradition for your family and friends this Easter, check out these wines as they will pair well either way.
A terrific idea for your sweet tooth after dinner is a glass of Port and some shaved dark chocolate.
Cheers and Happy Easter!
Corrie Robbins
Club Foody Wine Analyst

About Corrie Robbins

I am an Ontario native, currently living in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada. My education includes 2 years of sommelier education at George Brown College, although the vast majority of my experience has come from the many different vineyards I have toured throughout the years.

I have uncorked wines from all over the world and I have toured vineyards in Italy, France, Spain, Ontario and British Columbia. I enjoy the art of entertaining and being a foody myself, it is my pleasure to join Club Foody to give you my thoughts on wine and wine pairings.