March is the month of Pisces but also the beginning of Aries astrology as of yesterday. Aries are well-known to be stubborn, innovative, spontaneous but also impatient and sometimes selfish. So what do you do when there are two Aries under the same roof who get along… most of the time? You celebrate!
Veuve ClicquotDavid and I are exactly 17 days apart between each other’s birthdays and we like to combine the two b-days together. We are both Aries and still alive after almost 9 years of cohabitation without killing each other… I call that a Cosmic-Astrology Miracle!
One thing we enjoy doing year after year is to celebrate and pop a champagne cork either for brunch or dinner. I introduced him to one of my most favorite champagnes and here’s my tasting notes on it…
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut, France is one of the most popular and recognized champagnes in the world. Medium bodied and straw- yellow in color, it has aromas of apple, pear and lemon. Bright ripe fruit and buttery flavors make this a great choice for any celebration.
Crisp and refreshing this well balanced champagne pairs well with many foods including seafood, ceviche and caviar. One of the best Champagnes out there for the money, it can be found at your local liquor store for around $65.00.
As I mentioned earlier, David is Aries as well as I am and today is actually his birthday. The champagne is flowing as friends and family members are celebrating his birthday tonight. To my special partner, my dearest friend and my lovely husband, Happy Birthday my Love!
Francine Lizotte
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