In less than a couple weeks, it will be Labor Day weekend and then the kids are back to school – I’ve heard it is apparently the “best time of the year”…lol! It also means that summer is almost at its end and heavier dishes will be prepared. As summer leads to fall, we like to accompany our meals with wine. The selected wines for this Club Foody review are one white and one red, both from Italy. Interesting complexity, these wines are perfect to welcome autumn with its bright colorful leaves and the crispness in the air. These vinos are both very affordable and enjoyable
Le MondeI’ve selected this wine from the Northeastern region of Italy which provides more diversified white grape varieties than any region of the country. From the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Le Monde Pinot Bianco 2014 has an interesting medium-body to it. This zesty Pinot Blanc has a strong floral nose along with a touch of lemon and peach. It is fresh and crisp on the palate with notes of white fruits and a subtle hint of spice. This very well-balanced amber yellow Pinot Bianco can be found at around $16.95. This wine can easily be paired with soups or grilled seafood and white fish as well as any creamy sauce dish.
During a viewing party of one of my short films, I received this select red wine as a gift and it becameCannoneau di Sardegnia one of my favorite house wines – Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva Grenache, Sardinia region– Italy. With complex aroma of red cherry, raspberry, plum and spice notes, this fruity medium-bodied wine delivers a good structure to pair with food. Savory, almost meaty, this Grenache needs to breathe a little to enjoy its soft tannins. It is delicately balanced and goes well with any red meat or pasta dish as well as with a mixed cheese tray with rosemary crackers. This is a typical Italian wine at a reasonable price; $16.95.
These two Italian wines have a lot going on and yet are well balanced and enjoyable to the palate. The Pinot Bianco and the Grenache are the perfect introduction to this upcoming season and will pair beautifully with any autumn dish. Cheers!


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