Seattle is an amazing food destination. With its wonderful markets, fresh & funky ingredients, tasting rooms and trendy restaurants, the city is the perfect fit for a foody! During our recent visit to the Emerald City, we dined at some of our favorite restaurants but I will review only one; Assaggio Ristorante.
Assaggio RistoranteYears ago when I made my first reservation at Assaggio, I thought – “Okay, this should be a pretty safe place to go and not be disappointed, it’s Italian!” – What I was about to experience was above my expectations. It was fine Italian cuisine with an extraordinary touch; simple but not ordinary with the freshest ingredients. There’s another little detail that sets Assaggio Ristorante apart from the others…the hospitality.
Since the first time we walked in, Mauro Golmarvi, the owner of this downtown resto, Maurowelcomes you as if you’re one of the family – we always receive “the” special treatment a friend would get. This also applies to his staff; they are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, respectful and did I mention “friendly”?
We were a little early and our table was occupied (I always reserve the same table) so we sat at the bar. Our bartender Garreth (finishing his PhD), made us a couple of great apéritifs while we were conversing with Mauro. After we were escorted to our table, our Rochellelovely waitress Rochelle (originally from Bellingham, WA), came over and helped us with our wine selection. There’s a respectable list of imported Italian wines that should please anyone as well as a nice menu, which makes it hard to select your main course. We finally selected a nice Brunello di Montalcino, the perfect wine for a fine Italian dinner.
David and I shared a delicious Francesca salad before ordering our main course; Paparadelle al Cinghiale for me and Rigatoni Peperonata for him. With fresh in-house pasta, these dishes were absolutely decadent with the right amount of flavor and freshness combined to please our palates.
Of course, there is nothing better to complete a lovely Italian meal then with Tiramisu. GarrethFrom David’s point of view, it was the best he’s ever had. As I am not a big fan of this fine Italian dessert, I finished my meal with a lovely Spanish coffee, thank you Garreth.
When you enter Assaggio Ristorante, you’re not going in just to dine out, you’re going in to enjoy a relaxing, flavorful experience that will make you feel special and welcome! You’re there to savor fine Italian cuisine at an affordable price with amazing customer service that makes you a part of Mauro’s family! Next time you’re in Seattle, do yourself a favor and go savor Assaggio’s food… Buon appetito !
Francine Lizotte
Wine & Restaurant Aficionado


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